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Teaching with Faith

Our Family's Story

Our family has decided to share photos of our homeschool journey. I am currently homeschooling a two year old girl and am pregnant with our baby boy. I hope you stick with us through this crazy journey.


Our Story

From the Beginning

My husband and I met right after college and got married four years later.  I was working as a preschool teacher for part of the time and the other part as a nanny.  We had our daughter in 2016 and I continued to work at a preschool and take her with me everyday.  In 2018, we made the decision I would be a part-time stay-at-home mom and a part-time nanny.  It was the best decision for our family.  I have since started homeschooling our 2 year old girl, C, and have loved it.  We are currently pregnant with our baby boy and are excited to see how our family will change with his addition. I plan on homeschooling at least through kindergarten and maybe beyond.